General Assembly Committees:

Disarmament & International Security Committee

  • Improving Cooperation in Airline Safety Policies
  • Proxy Wars in the African Region
  • Regulating the Funding of Armed Groups

Social Humanitarian & Cultural Committee

  • Protecting Refugees from Human Trafficking
  • Combatting Extrajudicial Deprivation of Liberty
  • Supporting the Involvement of Women in Governance and Decision-Making

Special Political & Decolonisation Committee

  • Elimination of Coercive Economic Measures as a means of Political and Economic Compulsion
  • Settling Disputes in the Great Lakes Region
  • The question of the “Two Chinas”

Legal Committee

  • Legal Accountability of UNDPKO
  • Administration of Justice at the United Nations
  • Legal Measures to Combat International Terrorism


Specialised Agencies:

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

  • Ensuring the Protection of the Rights of Palestinian Women
  • Combating Illicit Crop Cultivation
  • The question of the Use of Free Trade to Foster Economic and Social Growth
  • The issue of Standard Prisoner Treatment

Environmental Commission (EC)

  • The issue of Toxic Waste Dumping by International Firms
  • The question of Climate Engineering
  • Promoting Green Economy
  • Minimising the Impact of Conflicts on the Environment

International Court of Justice (ICJ)

  • Application of the Interim Accord of 13 September 1995 (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia vs. Greece)

Security Council (SC)

  • Assessing Modern-Day Collective Security Programmes and Measures
  • Emerging Cybersecurity Threats
  • The situation in the Central African Republic

The Group of Twenty (G20)

  • Establishing Measures to Prevent Global Corruption
  • The question of Tax Evasion and Tax Havens
  • The question of Modernising Investment Agreements

Special Conference: Democracy & the Sustainable Development Goals (SPECON)

  • Guaranteeing the Sustainable Development in Previously War-Torn Regions
  • Promoting E-democracy as a Tool to Increase Participation in Democratic Procedures
  • Promoting Democratic Governments over Authoritarian Regimes
  • Working towards Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth Worldwide