General Assembly Committees:

Disarmament & International Security Committee

  • Developing an International Framework for Cyber Security, Civilian Networks and Artificial Intelligence
  • Improving international efforts in preventing terrorist attacks
  • The use of enhanced interrogation techniques by military officers

Social Humanitarian & Cultural Committee

  • International efforts towards the aiding and reunifying refugee families
  • Relationship between education and women empowerment – eradicating the gender gap
  • Measures to combat child prostitution and pornography

Special Political & Decolonisation Committee

  • The situation in Kashmir
  • The issue of political stability in Egypt
  • The current situation of the occupied territories of Azerbaijan

Legal Committee

  • Discussing the responsibility of extradition
  • Extrajudicial, Summary and Arbitrary Executions
  • The issue of decriminalization of narcotics


Specialised Agencies:

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

  • Addressing the economic and social integration of migrating populations in promoting balanced growth
  • Stabilizing currencies in South America
  • The Social and Economic Consequences of Religious Intolerance
  • Questioning the efficiency of privatization of health and education services

Environmental Commission (EC)

  • Overexploitation and depletion of non-renewable resources
  • Reorienting Urban Planning through international linkages among cities
  • Regulating and leveraging ‘Internet of Things’ to enhance sustainable development
  • The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and policy reforms in developing countries

International Court of Justice (ICJ)

  • Cessation of the Nuclear Arms Race and to Nuclear Disarmament (Marshall Islands  vs. United Kingdom)

Security Council (SC)

  • Israel-Palestine Issue
  • Solving the issue of territorial disputes in South China Sea
  • The issue of terrorism in Somalia

The Group of Twenty (G20)

  • Terrorism, xenophobia and ultra-nationalism – fear within Europe
  • Cooperation in the penalization of economic fugitives
  • Discussing the global deviation against International Fair Trade
  • Strengthening economic, social, and cultural cooperation with African countries

Special Conference: Focus on Global Education (SPECON)

  • Ensuring the implementation and improvement of domestic education laws
  • The issue of global e-schools and communities’ initiative
  • Financing global education: opportunities for multilateral action
  • The issue of primary education in less developed countries