General Assembly Committees: 

Disarmament & International Security Committee

  • Prohibition of the development, production and stockpiling of biological weapons
  • Preventative measures on nuclear international terrorism and weapons of mass destruction
  • Illicit trade of small arms in Africa

Social Humanitarian & Cultural Committee

  • Empowerment of women’s rights in rural areas
  • Religious beliefs that violate human rights
  • Ensuring the rights of Indigenous People in the Asia-Pacific region

Special Political & Decolonisation Committee

  • The role of diamonds in fueling conflicts
  • Establishing measures to combat religion-based terrorism
  • Measures for the prevention of fraud in election procedures

 Legal Committee

  • Creating an international convention for the classification of crimes against humanity
  • Reconsideration of international law on the death penalty
  • Establishing regulatory systems for UN officials and peacekeepers on mission


Specialised Agencies: 

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

  • Evaluating policies with regard to government corruption in transnational trade partnerships
  • Deteriorating the living conditions of the people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
  • The issue of ensuring social and economic equity in impoverished areas
  • The ramifications of the BREXIT on the European Markets

Environmental Commission (EC)

  • Establishing proper framework for the preservation of oceans and maritime lifeforms
  • The issue of ensuring sanitary water supply in LEDCs
  • Limiting the consumption of non-renewable resources to avoid  exceeding the world’s carrying capacity
  • The issue of limiting environmental impacts caused by the production of GMOs

International Court of Justice (ICJ) 

  • Maritime delimitation in the Indian Ocean (Somalia vs. Kenya)

Security Council (SC)

  • Post-conflict peacebuilding and the promotion of durable peace
  • The situation in Yemen
  • Territorial disputes over sea boundaries between China and neighboring regions

The Group of Twenty (G20)

  • Examining the economic impact of global warming
  • Measures for ensuring peace and security in the Palestine-Israeli conflict
  • Evaluating the role and function of the IMF in settling international economic crises

Special Conference: Eradication of Poverty & World Hunger (SPECON)

  • Ensuring adequate universal food supply & preventing global malnutrition
  • Strengthening agricultural development, food security and proper nutrition
  • The question of establishing private-public partnerships in eliminating poverty
  • Promotion of full employment and global social integration