General Assembly Committees:

Disarmament & International Security Committee

  • Maritime border dispute in Chile and Peru
  • Missile defense systems
  • Intelligence gathering and espionage

Social Humanitarian & Cultural Committee 

  • Humanitarian relief and protection of migrants and internally displaced persons
  • The issue of slum dwellers and social exclusion
  • Eliminating racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerances

Special Political & Decolonisation Committee 

  • EU border control controversy and policies
  • Preventing the spread of religious-based extremism in Africa and the Middle East
  • Establishing hemispheric standards for prisoner rights and prison conditions

Legal Committee

  • The examination of war criminals cases
  • Policy reformation on crimes against humanity
  • Reform of the US immigration system

Environmental Committee

  • Intergenerational equity and sustainable development
  • The impact of natural disasters on the environment and agricultural production
  • Combatting illegal wildlife trade


Specialised Agencies:

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

  • The question of economic growth and international migration
  • Migration and economic sustainable development
  • Labor migration in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • The Financial aftermath of debt crises and stock market crashes

International Court of Justice (ICJ) 

  • Oil platforms Islamic republic of Iran vUnited States of America

Security Council (SC) 

  • Situation in the Middle East
  • Crisis in Bahrain
  • Reformation of resource control laws

Special Conference on Migration: A Movement for Change (SPECON)

  • The issue of mass migration and xenophobic violence
  • Exploitation of migrant workers
  • Migration and human trafficking
  • Managing unauthorized migration