Esteemed Delegates and MUN Advisors,

It is with great pleasure and honour to invite you to the sixth session of Platon School Model United Nations Conference (PS-MUN) to be held from Friday March 4th to Sunday March 6th 2016 at the premises of Platon IB World School in Athens.

Since February 2011, Platon School has been a host to more than 600 delegates annually, from all over Greece, Europe and the Middle East, giving delegates the opportunity to experience the challenges of diplomacy by assuming the roles of UN representatives and members of other international decision-making bodies.

In the last five years, PS-MUN has made the effort in continuing its Philosophy, that is, sensitizing students’ awareness of global issues, reaping the benefits of in depth global knowledge and international relations thus taking action beyond their social community.

By participating in PS-MUN, delegates will also acquire skills in leadership, critical analysis, public speaking, negotiation and persuasion, but most important of all, will have the chance to build strong new friendships that extend across the globe and simultaneously bring them closer to current international issues.

PS-MUN has 5 General Assembly Committees (Disarmament & International Security, Social Humanitarian & Cultural, Special Political & Decolonisation, Legal and Environmental) and 4 Specialized Agencies (ECOSOC, ICJ, Security Council and Special Conference). Migration, a prevailing issue in recent years, has seen cross border movement of people and an increasing diversity of societies as inevitable. Thus, we have decided to make this our topic for this year’s Special Conference, “Migration: A Movement for Change”.

Delegates are required to prepare resolutions on all of the assigned issues. Please remember that plagiarism is highly frowned upon. We encourage delegates to conduct research on the various issues as a means to broaden their knowledge.

Registration for our upcoming session is now open and all registrations submitted by the deadline on December 27th 2015 will receive priority, with country assignments released the soonest possible.

Whether you have attended PS-MUN for years or are considering participating for the first time, we encourage you to submit an application, as PS-MUN will be without a doubt, an exciting educational opportunity and memorable event that delegates will not soon forget.

Until then, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information at

We sincerely hope that you will choose to participate and look forward to meeting you in Athens!

Sincerely yours,

Lilly Nikolopoulou
Panagiotis Lyberopoulos
PS-MUN Organisers