General Assembly Committees: 

Disarmament & International Security Committee

  •         National Security Leaks
  •         Civilian casualties in military conflict
  •         Foreign intervention in Civil War

Social Humanitarian & Cultural Committee

  •         Safeguarding the rights of refugees
  •         Combating present day slavery
  •         Gender disparities in education

Special Political & Decolonisation Committee

  •         Ensuring the freedom of political speech over the internet
  •         The question of civil unrest and political instability in Latin America
  •         Post conflict reconstruction in Libya

Legal Committee

  •         Legal rights of children in armed conflict
  •         Re-evaluation of the Permanent Members of the Security Council
  •         The Referendum status of Crimea

Environmental Committee 

  •         Loss of Biodiversity and extinction of endangered species
  •         The question of extraterrestrial threats
  •         Effects of over-consumption and increasing populations


Specialised Agencies: 

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

  •         Promoting regional cooperation for enhanced energy security and the sustainable use of energy
  •         International cooperation in the investigation and prosecution of economic fraud and identity-related crime
  •         Providing economic and social services for victims of conflict of internally displaced persons and refugees
  •         Recovering from the world financial and economic crisis

International Court of Justice (ICJ) 

  •         Jurisdictional immunities of the state (Germany vs. Italy) Intervention by Greece

Security Council (SC) 

  •         Reformation of the Security Council
  •         Cooperation between UN and regional and subregional organizations in maintaining international peace and security
  •         The situation in North Korea

Special Conference on Children’s Rights in the 21st Century 

  •         Evaluation on violence against children
  •         The question of child labour
  •         Education in less developed countries
  •         Cholera increase in South Sudan