General Assembly Committees:

Disarmament & International Security Committee (GA1)

  • Strengthening security and cooperation in the Mediterranean region
  • The question of disempowering Boko Haram in West Africa
  • The role of Emerging Technologies in International Security and Disarmament

Social Humanitarian & Cultural Committee (GA3)

  • The Right to Adequate Housing and Protection from Forcible Evictions
  • Addressing the issue of cultural relativism and its effects on indigenous people
  • Strengthening healthcare systems to prevent opioid addiction

Special Political & Decolonisation Committee (GA4)

  • The issue of territorial claims on the West Philippine Sea
  • Reviewing the United Nations Peacebuilding Architecture
  • Addressing the Role of Natural Resources in Igniting Conflict

Legal Committee (GA6)

  • Proposing measures to address the issue of vigilantism
  • The question of reviewing international maritime laws
  • Establishing a legal framework to address sexual violence in conflict

Specialised Agencies:

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

  • Investigating and addressing corruption and crime in international sports tournaments
  • Addressing debt problems of Less Economically Developed Countries
  • Managing the threat to global health caused by refusing vaccinations
  • The question of rebuilding tourism industries harmed by the COVID-19 pandemic

 Environmental Commission (EC)

  • Strategies to assess and counteract the effects of coral bleaching
  • Addressing the implications of flooding in Western and Northern Europe
  • Towards regulating e-waste dumps in Africa
  • Promoting the Environmental Rights Initiative as a tool to connect environmental and human rights

International Court of Justice (ICJ)

  • Maritime Delimitation in the Black Sea – Romania vs Ukraine

Security Council (SC)

  • Adapting international military and law enforcement missions to tackle the threat of Covid-19 transmission
  • The situation in Burundi
  • Addressing the migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border

The Group of Twenty (G20)

  • Discussing and Regulating Currency Manipulation on a Global Level
  • Implementation of Big Data infrastructure in the financial sector
  • Enhancing decarbonization efforts in the maritime industry

Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)

  • Discussing the Intimidation and Suppression of Political Activists Worldwide
  • Addressing the impact of COVID-19 on organized crime amid pre-existing civil unrest
  • Taking action against gender-related killing of women and girls
  • Regulating Light Arms Availability and Establishing an international firearm protocol

Special Conference on Redefining Modern Solidarity (SPECON)

  • Safeguarding Worker Rights and improving working conditions
  • Addressing the implications of the pink tax
  • The Question of Reparations for Historically Exploited Peoples
  • Addressing internal displacement as a result of catastrophic weather phenomena

Youth Assembly (YA)

  • Strengthening Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Youth Offenders (Sub 1)
  • Creating and strengthening effective sexual education (Sub 1)
  • Towards eliminating discrimination and promoting diversity (Sub 2)
  • Addressing the issue of cyberbullying (Sub 2)